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Clothing fabrics wholesale

This page informs you via pictures and a business address about our clothing wholesale in Germany.

clothing fabrics

Exclusive high quality fabrics

For informations about our exclusive high quality cloths and fabrics, please call us or contact us via e-mail.

Exclusive clothing fabric wholesale

Stoffe Armbrüster offers high quality selections of fabrics wholesale, mostly from Italy. His quality standards match highest standards. Theatre curtains and finest draperie for art events and general purpose. Highest quality for wholesale prices. Not only – the artists choice. armbrüster


Fa. Christof Armbrüster
Langer Graben 13/1
D-74523 Schwäbisch Hall

Phone: 0049 - 791 / 946 48 45
Telefax: 0049 - 791 / 946 48 55

Steuernummer 84204/11413
UST.-Ident.-Nr. DE 177 264 786

German Version

Fabrics for the stage/ Fabrics for theatres and Fabrics for cloths - Wholesale contractor for exclusive and precious fabrics/draperies

Our company has itself specialized on delivery and on wholesale of exclusive fabrics to theatres, operas, other scenes, movies and television, costume designers, fashion designers, rather wholesales. Most of our fabrics are produces by leading weaving mills in Italy. Our draperies have high quality and can be purchased even with a low budget because here matches cheap prices with quality and accomplishment. We can offer fabrics with striped or chequered pattern and exclusive clothing fabrics out of jersey and woven goods which can be perfectly used for the stage, films and television.
We have in our inventory exclusive fabrics/draperies which are perfect to create dresses, blouses, trousers or in general clothing and costumes for the stage and films.

Wholesale- exclusive fashion fabrics, designer draperies, clothing fabrics for cheap prices

All of our fantastic fabrics, fashion fabrics and designer draperies with a high quality are produced for leading fashion labels with high standards for design and style. You have here the offer to buy this spectacular fabrics at cheap prices because we buy them as over production as cut goods. Our main focus lies on fashion fabrics, clothing drapery, designer fabrics and interlinings from Italy. Those Italian fabrics are produced by leading weaving mills.
Most of our exclusive draperies consist of natural fibres out of new wool, silk, cotton, viscose, linen and precious cashmere. Those fabrics can be perfectly used for great fashion and clothing. Here fits cheap prices, quality and accomplishment. It is a paradise for everyone who has something to do with fabrics be it costumes for theatres or television, for clothing, fashion, decoration, etc.
Exclusive designer- and clothing fabrics DOB and HAKA for fashion as cut goods. Most of the draperies are from Italy, and produced by leading weaving mills like Loro Piana, Marzotto, Albini, Guiseppe and Luigi Botto, Marioboselli, Solbiati, Emme & Pi, Serates, Limonta, Jackytex … We buy our cut goods material as an over productions. That’s the reason why we can offer those fabrics at the wholesale for very cheap prices. Armbrüster is a wholesale of exclusive fabrics and material for clothing. Here matches price with accomplishment and with quality. It is of course a paradise for drapery stores, fashion designers, costume designer, etc.

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